Safeth Update – Claiming Our Brand

It has come to our attention that we as a corporation and in looking out for our investors and our brand Safeth LTD has decided to go after and assert our trademark over that in which is legally ours.

We are active in this phase and working on eliminating all of the imposters that look like our brand’s name and logo this includes things like hashtags and other corporate trade words and marks with a likeness to our own. We feel if we do not establish this legally and enforce this then we haven’t fully looked out for investors’ best interests. We are not at war with other businesses or such but rather establishing our own legally for a protective measure in the future.

This is also to let everyone know that tokens can still be purchased via

at this time we have stopped the Safeth Cash bonuses and the price of each token has increased to $1 per Safex Platinum Token.

Thank you ALL who have supported our humanitarian project and efforts! I’m certain with enough persistence we, just a small group of people can and in fact, are changing the world to create a better place for all mankind.

Happy Holidays!!



Author: The Legend
CEO of SAFeth