What are SAFeth Points?

Much Like Ebay has a system called “Ebay Bucks” we too are going to offer rewards and loans in a similar fashion called SAFeth Rewards, utilizing a 3rd balance in our own blockchain based wallet and a system in which you will earn points at checkout for being being both a buyer and a seller depending on how much was spent during the transaction. Systems like this in the past have been an excellent way of engaging users to “earn” points and be able to spend them on whatever they like right on our Safex Platinum Marketplace.

This type of engagement can be encouraged as well by using gamification whereas we turn building up points and earning them into marketing games for our own advertising of our platform!

Strengthening our system by utilizing the treasury to incentivize users in sharing, creating content and reviewing our platform all while earning SAFeth Rewards/points!

The next unique feature and the one that set sour marketplace apart from ALL the rest is the fact that in the same way that users can “lock in” their tokens to earn dividends, users both buys and sellers alike will be able to “lock in” and borrow against the tokens they have locked in place. In this feature the locking will be timed to the dividends full repayment of the loaned amount.

It is in this unique type of dividends based collateralized loan that we can finally offer TRUE blockchain CREDIT with No Hassles, No rejection and No KYC. We will establish a smart contract to handle these loans utilizing some of the newest oracles and as well creating a third token on our blockchain in the quantity of 2 billion safeth points.

SAFeth and its execution will be completed by our SAFeth Automated Machine or aka S.A.M. it will be a build into the final wallet/marketplace.

SAFeth Rewards/Points Features
Wallet Symbol SAF
Token Supply 2,000,000,000
Algorithm RandomX
Bounty Reserve 100,000,000 5% of supply
Anonymous Yes

Start Earning SAF rewards RIGHT NOW!

Creating a profile on SafethMarket.com and making friends as well as referring your friends and many other ways will start buidling not only your CRYPTO / Safeth Cash balance but it will also start building your ranks on our marketplace!




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