Safeth Platinum Token

What is Safeth Platinum Token?

Safeth Platinum Tokens are the means of incentivizing and rewarding token holders/investors. SPT is the MAIN asset that allows users to achieve a “Pay Back Free Loan”. It will also be stake-able and collect rewards while staked aka “locked”. This as well will provide a repayment method on all loans so that you, the borrower will NEVER have to encumber with the stress of repaying via monthly payments. Instead, your tokens become locked until the allocated amount borrowed is repaid in real-time in full, then they’re released back to the holder to use once more as they please.


Safeth Platinum Token Features
Ticker Symbol SPT
Token Supply 21,000,000
Algorithm RandomX
Development Reserve 630,000 SPT (3%)
Stake-able Yes
Locking Rewards 2 types – 5-20% SEC Miners Fee
Anonymous Yes

Safeth Platinum Distribution

SPT Token Offer - 21.000.000 97%
Development Reserve - 630,000 3% will send invitations to all those that are interested. Each of these users will be emailed instructions to sales.

Safeth Platinum is a means of incentivizing users to create commerce an earn cryptocurrency in ways which provide rewards and “Pay Back Free Privacy” lending for consumer based loans and shopping.

You will receive your Safeth Platinum (SPT) tokens after the initial coin offering. After the initial coin offering we will the hire both full stack development members and start building our blockchain/wallet, as well as a 3rd party security audit team to ensure all code is indestructible and our network is reliable and functions as we intend. At that time all users will be instructed on how to create a wallet address, we will inform user of this process on all social media platforms as well as here at Finally after mainnet launches, we will credit each user with both the appropriate amount of Safeth Platinum $SPT as well their bonus Safeth Cash (SEC) our private currency of the Safeth Platinum marketplace and

There are several benefits to purchasing and holding Safeth Platinum tokens. First reason is there is a small quantity to ever exist, limited to a meager 21 million tokens that will ALL be for sale on July 4th 2020 to whitelisted emails. Another great benefit of holding Safeth Platnium tokens is when locked you will earn both a miners fee based dividend similar to proof of stake as well as a marketplace fee per transaction of 1% for any and all sales on both the as well as our decentralized wallet based marketplace application. Finally Safeth Platinum tokens will be your key to obtaining a “Pay Back Free” loan, a loan in which users will be able to collateralize their Safeth Platinum tokens and the Safeth Cash (SEC) it is accruing until and authorize up to 10 times the collateralized asset (SPT) in cryptocurrency (SEC) thus creating a situation in which pays the loaned Safeth Cash (SEC) back in due time without the user ever encumbering payments as well as releasing the collateral back to the user to loan once again with.

Eventually ALL exchanges will list both Safeth Platinum (SPT) tokens as well as Safeth Cash (SEC). But until then we will aim for 2 exchanges minimum with at least 1 being a top 20 exchange.

Unfortunately not at this time, we are only accepting cryptocurrency and those currencies will be Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Please whitelist your email for early buying as well as bigger bonuses.

Cost of “locking”?

Performing a “lock” transaction will cost an amount Safeth Platinum Tokens in which changes according to its relative USD price; therefore we are pegging the account creation and cost of locking/Unlocking to $1!

When “locked ” for a SAFeth signature “Pay Back Free Privacy” loan however BOTH your SPT collateral will be
unlock-able as well as the SAFeth Cash SEC that it’s accruing during the payback period.