How SAFeth Makes The Safex Marketplace UNIQUE to any other Decentralized Crypto Marketplace!

As far as marketplaces are concerned, there has been several recent developments in the space of cryptocurrency, from the highly anticipated release of Particl’s marketplace and Open Bazaar to the Bitcoin meetup in Amsterdam in which CEO Mr. Daniel Dabek announced the final Safex marketplace release date,set for October 15th 2019.

As the unofficial Safex Marketplace launch date inches closer to us, I thought I would take the time to better explain key details concerning the SAFeth platform in addition to, how the SAFeth platform will strengthen the Safex decentralized marketplace providing a unique edge in comparison to our competitors such as Particl & Facebook. In short, SAFeth provides the competitive edge that the Safex marketplace needs in order to succeed. SAFeth will provide loans to Safex token holders when they lock their tokens into the SAFeth platform. By doing so, holders of Safex will have direct incentive to use our platform and take out loans of up to $10,000 WITHOUT the use of KYC.

In addition, Safex holders will never need to worry about ‘repayment’ of their loans due to the uniqueness of the Safex Token function that while locked in, will provide real time dividends in the form of Safex Cash. It is this dividends that pays your loan off while it is locked in. After the loan amount is repaid, the customer will receive an email notifying them, that their loan has been fully paid whereby, the customer will have a grace period to claim their Safex Token back into their Safex wallets. Loans can be provided either in Safex cash or SAFeth. If a user chooses SAFeth tokens they can shop on our web store with an additional 15% discount for using SAFeth tokens.

You may be asking yourself how can SAFeth not be required to follow KYC protocols? This is because, SAFeth is and will always be 100% privately owned with no ICO taking place as well as handed over to the community by burning the keys to the treasury to ensure no one has them ever. Consequently, SAFeth will be self funded with the SAFeth Treasury being filled with both donations to the project as well as SAFeth creators own personal contributions financially. If you would like to contribute to the project please feel free to email the team through

Thank you,

Sincerely Team SAFeth

written by

Cynthia Lathus

Co-Founder and CIO

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