“SafeXcash-ifieds” is a “Free/LOW COST crypto commerce P2P buying & selling classifieds” platform.

The realm of “cryptocurrency” is, in of itself a new endeavor and although there are not to many
cryptocurrencies which have obtained a highly viable footing among the general mainstream public,
SafeXcash-ifieds in addition to the SafexCash Marketplace, has the potential to do just that! This
article will be highlighting the “SafeXcash-ifieds”.

The “SafeXcash-ifieds” is a “Free/LOW COST crypto commerce P2P buying & selling classifieds” platform.

It is in fact a “hybrid” of the more well known classifieds platform Craigslist, however, the “SafeXcash-
ifieds” has taken it a step further by incorporating fully functional wallets for cryptocurrencies such as Dodgecoin, Litcoin, Bitcoin, all of which are paired against each other in addition to, the American and Canadian Dollars Euro as well as soon all will be paired to Safex Cash! SafeXcash-ifieds is a highly convenient, and secure way to barter with your cryptocurrencies in addition to, a classifieds section on par to that of Craigslist.org.
SafeXcash-ifieds features the standard Account login, register and home pages, an soon an XChange page, and an area for public classified listings.

Fellow contributors to SafeXcash-ifieds can submit/post articles to the website as well as the “SafeXcash-ifieds” will also offer in the near future “SafeXcash Pool Mining”. The mining for Safexcash will be reached at pool.safexcash.exchange. In addition to the mining pool, SafeXcash-ifieds has a developmental road map, upcoming videos section, news, a contact “us page” and a page featuring more information about the Team’s members. SafeXcash-ifieds users can also connect with the platform Via Twitter, Facebook or Discord. SafeXcash-ifieds can be reached at safexcash.exchange, Safexnews.net or at safexcashifieds.com . Moreover, once the Xchange is live “Two Factor Identification” will be
required as a safety measure for all users and will take effect immediately, thus it is extremely important to take the time to setup your account early. Lastly, their will be a monthly “Ouija Board Report”, with the first expected to be posted shortly before Halloween of 2018 featuring the beautiful Cynthia. Each Report will sell for $100 ea.

By Jason

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