SAFeth Updates- 3-1 thru 3-30-19

Here at Safeth, several facets of the our marketplace  including  a complete revamping of our current website  which can be found at is taking place. At the same time, Safeth is also working on our first ever official version one wallet for our lending platform .Our version one wallet will be Ethereum (erc20) based and is anticipated to be released later this year. Soon after Safeth’s version one official wallet  is released , we have begun working on our Safeth blockchain as well being listed on an exchange. The exchange will be further highlighted and spoken about in greater detail when Safeth reaches this milestone.

With this being said, I wanted to take the time to highlight the workings of the Safeth platform in its entirety.
1. Safeth is powered by Safex. An individual is free to ultilze the to order to acquire both goods and services, however Safex is needed in order to access the Safeth lending platform and begin enticing loan(s) services.

2. Safeth Loan amounts will be 100% guaranteed to customers and will lend as private consumer loans. Safeth is unlike any other  traditional or crypto lending platform. Safeth takes a new  approach to lending and directly utilizes the dividend payments (in the form of Safex Cash)provided by the Safex marketplace from locking in the Safex Tokens you provided to automatically paying off your Safeth loans.
3. Users will NEVER need to login into a Safeth lending account in order to withdraw their Safex tokens to their respective wallet or for any reason. Upon Loan repaid the original Safex Tokens will be returned to the address you provided.
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