SAFeth Token Presale will begin on Nov 7th

Announcing the newest to the family of ERC-20 tokens called SAFeth or SAF token.

SAF token will be used as a consumer lending token offering various discounts for shopping on it will also be the erc-20 token you will borrow while your Safex tokens are locked in your wallet. Safex Cash will be produced in your account daily and make the payments on your debt daily.

The amount of Safex and time will give to the variance of how much interest will be charge and needed o fulfill the debt obligations. Example of this could be seen as ; John has 1000 Safex token he comes to sets his account up and finds his Safex wallet and generates his Safex address. He then proceeds to sends his Safex tokens to his new wallet address. John has had a great year but is still falling short on fund for his holiday shopping in the meantime his Safex Cash dividends aren’t enough to pay for all of his purchases and he doesn’t want to sell his Safex token to achieve the full amount he needs.

This is where SAFeth comes in, SAF token can be acquired on in exchange for Safex tokens just by using our lock function or you can buy them on the open market, John then proceeds to choose one of the lending package we offer lets call John’s choice X2 package and receives double what he deposited in USD terms and has to pay a 15% interest rate, John is able in USD to obtain twice as much as his Safex is currently valued for in SAF tokens to use for a discount on goods and service provided on the platform. (the loan term and figures are not the same as these they will be ouline in the official 5 page white paper and will be subject to adjustments to ensure the project is optimal)

John now does his holiday shopping using the SAF tokens with a discount and has no payments or such on the loan, in due time Safex tokens locked in John’s wallet will be paying down his debt and upon completion of terms his Safex becomes unlocked once again to borrow from.

We will be setting up a KYC for all customers in order to use this service once the platform is ready. We will only sell legal items and comply with ALL local and state laws. We will be releasing a 5 Page white paper before we launch our token sale and will post it on our main page here at

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