How SAFeth Cryptocurrency Offers Hassle FREE Lending by Using the Safex/Safex Cash Dividends

SAFeth is a brand new ERC20 cryptocurrency token created to interact with the Safex wallet lock function. The SAFeth token offers users/holders contract based, collateral funded, payment free blockchain based loans. The only criteria users of the website/application would need to follow in order to take advantage of SAFeth’s collateral funded and payment free blockchain loans is to purchase or already own Safex Tokens and deposit them into the platform. Once your Safex Tokens has been deposited into the platform, you will select the desired amount length of loans and interest rate that coincides with and the requesting loan amount is granted in SAFeth Tokens. will continue to hold onto the Safex until the full loan amount is repaid in Safex Cash created while the Safex Token is locked in our Safex wallet . Each loan duration may vary and have different interest rates based on the amount of the loans and duration of time. Consequently, once the terms have been fulfilled the debtors of the loaned SAFeth tokens receives their the unlock function ability back and regains all original Safex tokens. The process is guaranteed because all an individual needs to do is lock in their Safex tokens for a specified amount of time,take their loan amount and wait for their Safex tokens to accrue the appropriate Safex Cash dividends payment, to pay off the cryptocurrency loan. This process makes the project unlike any cryptocurrency lending platform out on the market today, Because of the design of Safex Token and the Safex Marketplace it has uniquely created a situation in which we are now able to lending more than the collateral amount, SAFeth holders of receive a variety of discounts on be able to take out loans in real time online and off, and do so privately,while using the Safex Cash (the dividend of the Safex Marketplace) as a means for paying off their loans for as long as it may take. Consequently, this both “frees up” and acts like a “safeguard” for the holders/users of the Safex because, investors will no longer be forced to liquidate other cryptocurrencies that are essential to their cryptocurrency portfolios,if they do wish make a purchase.

Furthermore, in addition, to the SAFeth loaning platform, has also built a fully functional marketplace, complete with offers as well as discounts on various products and services, that will be available for purchase using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, SAFeth and Safex Cash. Currently, SAFeth has a supply of 12 million coins, with only 1 million coins being sold in SAFeth’s presale as well another 1 million during the SAFeth crowd sale. Their is also a 30% bonus on SAFeth cryptocurrency tokens during the current pre-sale and a 10% bonus during the main sale of the token. After that, each year their will be an “airdrop” to loyal token holders. As highlighted on the official SAFeth website, both the first and second years (2019-2020) will have a airdrop to SAFeth token holders in the amount of .5 million SAFeth tokens, followed by a generous increase in the airdrop amount of SAFeth to1.5 million coins to be distributed to loyal token holders in both the third and fourth years ( approximately in 2021-2022), 1.25 million SAFeth tokens airdropped to loyal token holders during the Fifth and Sixth years of the project (2023-2024) and a SAFeth airdrop of 800,000 to loyal SAFeth Token holders in the seventh and eighth years of the project (approx.2025-2026). Any remaining funds will be placed into a Ethereum contract Pool and used for lending, platform growth & development and security.